Chaldean Chamber PAC

The Chaldean Chamber Political Action Committee is tasked with enhancing the community’s influence in Lansing on issues that affect the Chaldean community and businesses. The mission of the Chaldean Chamber PAC is to access elected officials who can make important decisions affecting the community. The Chaldean Chamber PAC has supported both Chaldean and non-Chaldean candidates across party lines who are pro-business and sympathetic to the concerns of the Chaldean community.

The PAC has become a powerful political tool in enhancing our community’s influence. Through the PAC’s influence, we have been able to support the Chaldean Community Foundation’s efforts in receiving multiple grants from the State of Michigan.

Background Information on Political Action Committees:
What is a PAC?
PACs are special organizations set up for the purpose of collecting contributions from large numbers of people, aggregating those contributions into one giant pool, and then making contributions from that pool to campaigns and political organizations. The Chaldean Chamber PAC is a non-Federal PAC, which means it collects money for use in state and local elections.

Why are PACs important and effective?
The Chaldean Chamber PAC is important for several reasons

  • The Chaldean Chamber PAC gives our community an important “seat at the table” where our unique voice can be heard. A contribution from the Chaldean Chamber PAC delivers a message along with the money — that this group collectively makes contribution decisions according to the best interests and priorities of the Chaldean community.
  • PACs can make larger contributions to candidates than can individuals. Therefore, candidates for office spend a substantial amount of time reaching out to groups that have PACs and addressing their issues.
  • What are the benefits and advantages of having a PAC?
    Establishing a PAC helps the community by financially supporting business-friendly candidates for office. This will enable our community to grow without being restricted in areas that affect business.

Advancing the interests of the Chaldean community requires having a say in government policy. That’s why it’s crucial that the interests of the Chaldean Community be well represented when public policy is developed. One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your views heard will be through a contribution to the Chaldean Chamber PAC. Your financial support of the Chaldean Chamber PAC will help ensure the election of public officials who understand the concerns of the Chaldean community.

Who can contribute to the Chaldean Chamber PAC?
The Chaldean Chamber PAC contributions can only come from individual contributions such as personal checks. No business or institutional contributions are accepted.

What’s in it for me?
Entrance. The Chaldean Chamber PAC gives you a way to support candidates who have demonstrated a willingness to listen to our views. Access means we will have an opportunity to state our case to a lawmaker before and after he or she is elected.

Validity. The Chaldean Chamber PAC provides the Chaldean community with an additional bipartisan political legitimacy. The Chaldean Chamber PAC gives us a tangible way to use our collective clout to hold lawmakers accountable.

But I already pay my Chamber dues. Isn’t that enough?
Election laws prohibit the use of membership dues for contributions to political candidates. Funds to be used for contributions to candidates must be raised separately from your membership dues. Voluntary Chaldean Chamber PAC contributions are what will enhance your clout in local and state races.

How do I make a contribution?
To donate, please make a check payable to Chaldean Chamber PAC and submit in a self-addressed envelope to:

Chaldean Chamber PAC
30850 Telegraph Road, Suite 200
Bingham Farms, MI 48025