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    The Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce is a partnership of Chaldean businesses and professionals working together to strengthen members’ business, increase job opportunities, encourage expansion and promote Chaldean business and culture. The Chamber seeks to service and represent Aramaic-speaking people, including Assyrians, Chaldeans and Syriacs.

    The Chamber and its nonprofit arm, the Chaldean Community Foundation, have announced their strategic priorities for 2014. They are:

    Refugee Acculturation
    Solve the major issues impacting today’s Iraqi refugee and immigrant population including transportation, housing, job placement, language development, mental health, immigration, social and government program directives, and basic necessities. The goal is to help this population acculturate and become less dependent on government subsidies and programs.

    Building Community
    Construct two new community centers in Oakland and Macomb counties to provide critical social services, classroom space and place for Chaldeans to congregate and enjoy social activities. Additionally, it will preserve the Chaldean Culture by housing artifacts and historical documents.

    Membership Value
    Provide members, from sole proprietorships to international conglomerates, the resources needed to achieve success while advocating pro-business policies to provide a robust economic landscape that encourages growth and expansion.

    Global Collaboration
    Provide civic, social, welfare and advocacy related to matters of public policy and political purpose for the common benefit of the society of Chaldean Assyrian Syriac people in diaspora and those in their indigenous lands in the Middle East. The goal is to create a safe place where Iraqi Christians can live and worship in peace in their ancestral land.





    Facts about the Chaldean Community

      • An estimated 121,000 Chaldeans reside in Southeast Michigan – the largest concentration outside of the Middle East.
      • Chaldeans have a history dating back 5,000 years to Mesopotamia
      • Aramaic is the native language for Chaldeans – the world’s oldest continuously spoken language
      • Chaldeans are Iraq’s indigenous people
      • The majority of Chaldeans migrated to Detroit in the late 1960s
      • Chaldeans own an estimated 15,000 businesses in Michigan
      • 61% of Chaldean households own one business
      • 39% of Chaldean households own two or more businesses
      • Major business concentrations:  Supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, food service, cellular, real estate development and suburban gas stations
      • Chaldeans are Eastern-Rite Catholic
      • There are nine Chaldean Catholic churches in Michigan along with an Assyrian and a Syriac church
      • Since the 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq, more than two-thirds of Iraq’s Christian community has been displaced
      • Since 2007, more than 15,000 Chaldean refugees have arrived in Metro Detroit


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